Online Advertising in NYC

Online Advertising in NYC

Dec 6, 2010

If you are reading this article then there’s a good chance that you’re a local business owner in NYC or you are looking to use the Internet to help you reach those living in New York City. Advertising online gives you a huge advantage over print advertising. You have access to data that will give you insight as to how people found you? You can even see what part of the city most people are contacting you from. This can help you with future advertising strategies both on and off line.

Advertising in New York City specializes in targeting the highest value Keywords for your business that deliver top results. Knowing what Keywords are the right ones for your business at any given time can be a challenging task and one that can be costly. It is well known among Search Marketing Experts that identifying and optimizing your marketing campaign and website for the specific queries that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successful online marketing campaign.

When you look to advertise in NYC it is important to use local advertising agencies and those that understand the people of New York City. Advertising and Marketing in New York City can gain you the recognition and exposure that will snowball across the country (and world) as NYC is the greatest city on earth!

Advertising in NYC will help you brand and saturate the area as we have established strategic partnerships with local NYC businesses, NYC community websites and printed media distribution networks. No other company has more connections, knows more about the streets of NYC or has the ability to better serve you then our team. Many Branding and advertising agencies in New York City come to us for NYC internet marketing, media placement and Guerrilla Marketing.

Let our NYC advertising and marketing professionals listen to your ideas and present you a vision you can embrace.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Oct 18, 2010

Search engine optimization offers you the possibility of obtaining great results placing you closer to number 1 on search engine searches. Our search engine optimization strategies will put your web site in the top results with all search engines without having to pay top dollar to the search engines to keep you there. With cost effective swervices you now have no excuse to continuously strive for number 1 on all search engines.

Our optimization process includes among others:

Examining your web site structure.
Careful competition analysis, target group and site contents.
Keyword/ Key phrases research for better web site positioning.
Developing creative content, directed to conversions and appealing for your web site´s visitors.

Website optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting:
A winning content strategy is extremely important to online success. Search engines index new and unique content, which means there is a lot of SEO value to optimize your Web copy. However, the final product needs to be more than just content for search engines. Good copywriting will not only help to increase your rankings, but aids in converting your visitors to paying customers. Our writers produce professional, unique content that delivers a clear and optimized marketing message to both search engines and users.
Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization:
Newsworthy items can spread extremely fast over the Internet, and you can easily target the audience that is interested in your message. Online PR is an efficient and less expensive route than traditional public relations. Online press releases also add SEO and website optimization benefits by sending traffic and links back to your site. We can help you announce new developments in your company and make the most of the SEO and PR benefits.
Local Search Optimization:
A local search typically includes a location modifier on a keyword and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. When these types of searches are performed, the search engines will often pull a geographic map of local business listings with important contact and directional information. will help you optimize your local business listings for these geographically focused searches. Local search advertising specifically targets local consumers ready to buy a certain product or service. A higher percentage of these customers will purchase once they’ve found the locations where they can do business near them.

NYC Guerrilla Marketing

NYC Guerrilla Marketing

Oct 17, 2010

When your average marketing and advertising just won’t do, our NYC Guerrilla Marketers are ready to get any job done!

Guerrilla Marketing has become ever more used for one simple reason: it works like no other marketing: to maximize your profits and minimize your investment.

Small and large businesses alike have applied the principles of Guerrilla Marketing because of their simplicity, common sense, and record of being proven in action. One of the main reasons that businesses fail is lack of marketing insight. Guerrilla Marketing provides that insight.

Guerrillas are never stopped by analysis paralysis. Don’t let it stop you.

Many business owners realize the simplicity of marketing, but just don’t know where they should begin. Analysis paralysis stops them in their tracks. So many tasks. Where to start? So they don’t start. They know what they must do, but don’t really have a plan, so they make disconnected efforts to achieve a hazy goal. When they don’t see encouraging results right off the bat, they lose confidence, if any existed in the first place.

If there’s any correct time to start, it’s right now. If there’s any proper place, it’s right where you are. You’ll never feel you are completely ready, so you may as well begin immediately.

If there’s any secret to be learned, it’s the secret of taking action and never stopping.

Marketing is not an event, but a process. How long does the process last?

An insight for you to embrace is that a guerrilla marketing attack is neverending. It has a beginning, a middle but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause in it. But you never stop it completely.

Of all the steps in succeeding with a guerrilla marketing attack, maintaining it takes the most time. You spend a relatively brief time developing the attack and inaugurating it, but you spend the life of your business maintaining, monitoring and improving your attack. At no point should you ever take anything for granted. At no point should you fall into the pit of self-satisfaction because your attack is working. Never forget that others, very smart and motivated competitors, are studying you and doing their utmost to surpass you in the marketing arena.

Growing takes work. Leaping takes courage. Effective marketing takes experience. We will guide you every step of the way –  from brand and identity development to marketing and communications to advertising, public relations and new media to website design and development to success.

Your customers expect to be targeted by advertising on a daily basis, but they most likely don’t expect to witness or participate in a guerilla marketing event. This element of surprise may well be guerilla marketing’s greatest asset: It catches prospects off-guard for both high impact and high recall. Just as important, the element of surprise can be used to extend a traditional ad campaign by reintroducing your marketing message in a totally new context.

Guerilla marketing isn’t a silver bullet providing a single solution for every need. However, it has proven itself to be a valuable communications and outreach tool. And in today’s noisy environment, the splash of a guerilla marketing effort may be the right way to cut through the clutter.

Banner Advertising & Web Marketing

Advertising in New York City specializes in banner placement and web marketing services on sites and popular community resources within the NYC area.

Advertising in New York City has coined a phrase every business and service provide should live by. That is ‘Constant and never ending marketing’. Constant and Never Ending Marketing (CaNEM)  should be your goal as most buyers rely on brand recognition, and without  dedication to marketing your brand you will be lost within the sea of multitude!

Advertising in New York City is an NYC Advertising agency that is 100 percent dedicated to the New York City area giving us the laser beam precision of knowing what works, and what does not within the neighborhoods we serve.

This takes us to the question, why banner advertising?

One thing to know about banner advertising is that the more times your ad is displayed to a greater number of people, the more familiar your company or service will become to prospective customers. This is called building brand awareness. All the best and most successful businesses know  that “on average” you generally need to make as many as 4 – 7 impressions on a person’s mind before their awareness will begin to warm up to the idea of making a purchase or trying a product or service.

If you do not constantly position yourself in front of those you wishto sell to, your competition will, and you surley will be yesterday’s lost memory!

Banner advertising is one great way to reinforce brand recognition and drive targeted traffic to your web site. Our banner advertising network is an established well known network of NYC websites that will deliver the results you need.

Banner advertising in New York City is a startegy that can provide great return on marketing efforts and investment. We provide cost effective solutions so you do not have to provide yourself  profit debilitating excuses as to why you are not involved in CaNEM!