Online Advertising in NYC

Online Advertising in NYC

Dec 6, 2010

If you are reading this article then there’s a good chance that you’re a local business owner in NYC or you are looking to use the Internet to help you reach those living in New York City. Advertising online gives you a huge advantage over print advertising. You have access to data that will give you insight as to how people found you? You can even see what part of the city most people are contacting you from. This can help you with future advertising strategies both on and off line.

Advertising in New York City specializes in targeting the highest value Keywords for your business that deliver top results. Knowing what Keywords are the right ones for your business at any given time can be a challenging task and one that can be costly. It is well known among Search Marketing Experts that identifying and optimizing your marketing campaign and website for the specific queries that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successful online marketing campaign.

When you look to advertise in NYC it is important to use local advertising agencies and those that understand the people of New York City. Advertising and Marketing in New York City can gain you the recognition and exposure that will snowball across the country (and world) as NYC is the greatest city on earth!

Advertising in NYC will help you brand and saturate the area as we have established strategic partnerships with local NYC businesses, NYC community websites and printed media distribution networks. No other company has more connections, knows more about the streets of NYC or has the ability to better serve you then our team. Many Branding and advertising agencies in New York City come to us for NYC internet marketing, media placement and Guerrilla Marketing.

Let our NYC advertising and marketing professionals listen to your ideas and present you a vision you can embrace.

Ad’s In New York City

Ad’s In New York City

Dec 6, 2010

Do you want your advertisements, promotions, or events to be seen in the heart of New York city?

If so contact us today.

Advertising has advanced with technology and word of mouth isn’t the only way to get around anymore.

Through Advertising and local promotions we will help you bring your service or product to the attention of those living in the NYC area. We will help you put together a plan which includes what target markets you want to reach, what features and benefits you want to convey to them, how you will convey it to them (this is often called your advertising campaign), who is responsible to carry the various activities in the plan and how much money is budgeted for this effort. Successful advertising depends very much on knowing the preferred methods and styles of communications of the target markets that you want to reach with your ads. A media plan and calendar can be very useful, which specifies what advertising methods are used and when.

Advertising in New York City can boost leads, traffic and sales!

For each service, carefully consider: What target markets are you trying to reach with your ads? What would you like them to think and perceive about your products (this should be in terms of benefits to them, not you)? How can you get them to think and perceive that? What communications media do they see or prefer the most? Consider TV, radio, newsletters, classifieds, displays/signs, posters, word of mouth, press releases, direct mail, special events, brochures, neighborhood newsletters, etc.

Let our advertising professionals here at Advertising in New York City make your next campaign a brilliant one!

NYC Ad Network

NYC Ad Network

Aug 30, 2010

New York City community websites, NYC blogs and NYC forums make up the core partner network here at Advertising in New York City. This means that when you choose to reach viewers within the five boroughs, Long Island or Westchester, we have the ability to stream your ad display or message on any of these sites, and in any ad postion that you would like.

These sites make up some of the most known, and most trusted media channels, networks, and resources in the NYC communities.


Manhattan Pennysaver

Bronx Pennysaver

Queens pennysaver

Harlem Pennysaver


Queens Penny Pincher

Staten Island Pennysaver

Long Island Pennysaver

Manhattan Penny Pincher

NYC Pennysaver

New York City Chamber of Commerce

and may other NYC based community blogs and websites

Advertising in New York City

Advertising in New York City

Jul 31, 2010

Advertising in New York City is more then just an advertising agency, we have grown into a tremendous NYC Advertising Network specializing in on-line advertising and all aspects of interactive marketing – Website planning, Promotion, Strategic Planning, Email Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization.

We continously build relationships and partner with local New York City advertising channels and established distribution hubs to expand our reach and effectiveness for delivering your campaign in the NYC area. Our goal is complete saturation and effective dissemenation of information, ad placements and brand awareness in the NYC area. NYC is our backyard, and building your brand and business is our goal.

New York City is known for our Pennysavers and Penny Pinchers, which are free door to door circulars and online web communities. We also partner with other NYC focused websites and social networks that have high traffic and daily visits.

Besides Pennysavers and Penny Pinchers, Advertising in New York City has an inhouse staff dedicated to article marketing, blog marketing and advertising, message forums and classified site postings and many other community centric marketing methods. Advertising in New York City also has top notch, on call Guerrillas ready to stage the next Guerrilla Marketing mission in NYC.

Reaching your target market in NYC can be a mission many other advertising agencies can promise to do, but at Advertising in New York City we actually have the ability to deliver the results you need. We also specialize in Advertising Online and our local NYC Advertising Experts can help you start, grow, or dominate the local competition. We only work with a select amount of clients from each industry within the NYC market so if you want the best New York City Advertising Company to back your online and offline advertising efforts then contact us now.